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About CreepTech[edit | edit source]

CreepTech is the name of advanced technology developed by Creepers, undiscovered until just recently by intrepid adventurers. These new technologies allow you to do special things in minecraft that you cannot do normally, such as triple your ore output, create awesome armor that lets you teleport or makes you truly invisible to mobs and players, and special inventory pets that heal you when your health becomes low, along with other unique buffs.

In addition to these amazing technology advancements, however, these secretive Creepers also screwed around with atomic science, corrupting a neutron and resutling in the creation of the eerie and beautiful Quantum Dimension, filled with dangerous mobs bent on world domination.

The only way to stop the spread of the Quantum Invasion is to enter this dangerous world, defeat the Quantum Crystal Monster, and save your planet from utter destruction!

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