Creeptech Wiki

Used For

The Cooler is used to cool filled mold into Ingots and other items, such as Rods and Plates. The advantage of using the CreepTech Machine process is that it typically doubles output results over vanilla minecraft processing. CreepTech Machines also allow for the creation of new materials, which have a variety of uses in the game, including powerful new weapons and armor.

The Cooler represents Step 4 in the CreepTech Processing System.


How to Use

1. Place the filled mold(s) in the top slot
2. Place Snowballs or a Snow Block in the bottom slot
3. Retrieve final result at right top
3. Retrieve empty mold(s) at bottom right

Cooler gui.png


The Cooler is created by hand without the Crafting Table.

1. Place down an Aluminum Tank
2. While holding 4 Aluminum Ingots, right-click on the Tank 4 times to build out the corners of the machine
3. While holidng an Aluminum Plate, right-click to add the base
4. Finally, right-click the contraption with a Water Bucket to complete the Cooler

Iron Cooler Recipes

The following filled ingot molds can be cooled using the Cooler:
Copper, Silver, Platinum, Lead, Steel, Bronze, Lithium, Aluminum, Tin, Black Iron, Gold, and Iron.

The following filled rod molds can be cooled using the cooler:
Iron, Black Iron, Steel, and Lapis.

The following filled plate molds can be cooled using hte cooler:
Aluminum, Steel, Iron, and Copper.

In addition, the following recipes are available:
Water Bucket -> Snow Bucket
Block Snow -> Block Ice