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Ore Processing

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Sir Copper's Adventure

Now, don't get me wrong, this page is about ore processing. But sometimes it helps to have a little metaphor.

Sir Copper was a copper ore, and he wanted to get to the town of Ingotville.

He went through the creepy Grinder Grove first.

Then he passed by the Melter Meadow.

Also, he had an encounter with the Molder tribe, but let's not talk about that.

Then he jumped into Cooler Creek to relax.

Finally, he made it to Ingotville! "Yay!", he said. "Now I can be a Copper Knight!"

And so he was.

--Sir Copper's Adventure by Purpilicous Publishing Co.

This story is completely fictitious, and you should not go looking for Sir Copper or anything like that.

Sir Copper's Adventure: Official Companion Guide

The studio photographs are below:

Grinder tree bark sample


1 x Copper Ore

Melter Meadows flora


1 x Copper Dust

1 x Bucket of Lava

Traditional Molder campsite


1 x Molten Metal (Copper)

1 x Ingot Mold

The rare Cooler fish


1 x Ingot Mold (Copper)

--Sir Copper's Adventure: Official Companion Guide by Purpilicous Publishing Co.