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The Quantum Portal is the gateway to the Quantum Dimension and is built with the Quantum Portal Frame and lit with the Quantum Particle.


Quantum portal.png Quantum portal2.png

The Quantum Portal looking rather peaceful.


- The Quantum Portal is the source of the Quantum Invasion, as it serves as the entryway for the invasive creatures Quantum Blaze, Quantum Enderman, and Quantum Crystal Monster into any Dimesnion (vanilla or custom) at regular intervals.
- The Quantum Portal can be stopped with the use of the Portal Disruptor
- In the Quantum Dimension, the Portal will spawn Overworld creatures.
- The Quantum Portal can be placed in any Dimesnion (vanilla or custom)


The Quantum Portal is made by creating a standard portal frame using Quantum Portal Frame blocks, and lighting with the Quantum Particle.